Adult Hockey Camps

Adult Fundamental Specialty Clinic - Kirkland

Adult Fundamental Specialty Clinic - Kirkland

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday (April 30-May 2 )

Monday’s session - Shooting
We will be working on proper techniques and mechanics in all shots (wrist, snap, slap, back hand)
Shooting skills:
·Quick shot release
·Shooting accuracy
·getting the shot off before the goalie can get set
·Shooting off the angles
·Coming in on goal from either side, looking to create a shooting angle
·Shooting for rebounds


Tuesday’s session-Stickhandling Stickhandling Skills
-Keeping hands away from the body and in the correct position
-Wrist rotation
-Quick hands
-Dribbles both wide and quick
-Perform skill at top speed, change skating gears while stickhandling.
-Technique training in one-on-one offensive play, creative deking & faking techniques


Wednesday’s Session: Power skating Power skating Skills
-Agility and quickness
-Edge work
-Proper body positioning
-Tight turns


Dates: April 30th to May 2nd

Time: 7:45pm to 9:00pm (75 Min)

Instructors: Jamie Huscroft and guest instructors
Costs: $30 per session or $75 for all three sessions (Drop- ins welcome $35 per session paid to Jamie )

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