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Class Descriptions

Description of Basic Skills Class Levels

PreBasic 1(4 yrs)Standing, proper learning to fall and get up, marching in place, marching forward, march and glide, dip, introduction to forward and backward swizzles, two foot hop, back wiggles and snowplow stop.

BASIC 1: (6 yrs. and above-a beginner class)March forwad across ice, two foot glide, glide forward dip, forward and backward swizzle action, two foot swizzle, snowplow stop, two foot hop, backward wiggles.

BASIC 2: (with completion of Basic 1)Forward one-foot glides, forward slalom, backward two foot swizzle, backward two foot glide

BASIC 3: (with completion of Basic 2)Stroking showing correct use of blade, forward and backward one foot swizzles on a circle, backward one foot swizzles on a circle, moving forward to backward two foot turns, backward glide on one foot, two foot spin (2 revolutions).

BASIC 4: (with completion of Basic 3)Forward outside edge on a circle, forward inside edge on a circle, forward crossovers, forward outside three turn from T-position, backward snowplow stop.

BASIC 5: (with completion of Basic 4)Backward outside edge on a circle, backward inside edge on a circle, backward crossovers, one foot spin (3 revolutions), T-stop with outside edge skid, side toe hops.

BASIC 6: (with completion of Basic 5)Forward inside three-turn from T-position, moving backward to forward two foot turn, hockey stop, bunny hop, forward spiral on straight line, forward lunge.

BASIC 7: (with completion of Basic 6)Forward inside mohawk from T-position, backward outside to forward outside transition, ballet jump, backward crossovers to outside edge, scratch spin.

BASIC 8: (with completion of Basic 7)Forward outside and inside three -turn on circle, waltz jump mazurka, combination move, forward inside pivots.

FREESKATE 1: (with completion of Basic 8)Advanced forward stroking, forward outside/inside edges, scratch spin, waltz jump, half flip, advanced backward outside three-turns.

FREESKATE 2: (with completion of Freeskate 1)Backward outside and inside edges, waltz jump, side toe hop, forward outside and inside spirals, toe loop, waltz threes, progressive chasse, begin back spin.

FREESKATE 3: (with completion of Freeskate 2)Forward and backward crossovers in figure eight, salchow, swing rolls, half lutz, backward inside three-turn, waltz eight, jump combination.

ADULTS: On-ice instruction will teach balance, forward stroking, one-foot glide, swizzles, and more.  Join others who are taking this challenge for the first time and learn a skill that will last a lifetime.

NEW ADULT EDGE:A great way to take your skating to the next level by focusing on edges, steps and turns and beginning spins and jumps.

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