Sno-King Renton
12620 164th NE
Renton, WA 98059 
Phone: 425-254-8750

Arena Entrance Procedure:  

Please arrive 20-30 minutes prior to your class start time. This is very important to ensure adequate time for sign-in and to meet your instructor. Do not arrive late.

Upon arrival, please have your skater put their skates on in vehicle. Hard skate guards must be worn when walking from vehicle into arena.

Every person who enters the building must wear a mask. Participants are allowed to take masks off while ice skating but must put mask back on when they reenter the lobby and other rink side areas.

Wait outside the arena on your designated color-coded X. There will be one X for each skater in the class. Groups will be no bigger than 1 coach to 5 skaters. Please note that outside of COVID-19 restrictions, class sizes can accommodate up to 12 skaters.

One family at a time will be called up to the sign-in desk and have their temperature checked.

Only one parent/guardian per family may enter the building. Parents/guardians will also be given a sticker badge that corresponds to your skater and color group.

After sign-in, you will be directed into the building. Follow the green arrows through the lobby to your next color-coded group waiting area. There you will meet your instructor. If skates are not on you will be directed to the designated “Skates On” area, each guardian will be responsible for lacing up their child’s ice skates.

Once skaters have met their instructors it is requested that parent’s/guardians with skaters over the age of 10 wait in their vehicle until class is over. You will be directed to follow the green arrows out of the arena. There will be a viewing space available for parent’s/guardians who wish to stay in the building, with spaces clearly marked to ensure social distancing.

At the conclusion of class, instructors will walk all skaters off the ice and into the lobby. There skaters will wait in a designated area for their parent’s/guardians. Instructors and/or the Skating Director will release skaters from the building one at a time to their parent/guardian with the associated sticker badge.