Sno-King Renton
12620 164th NE
Renton, WA 98059 
Phone: 425-254-8750

Family Introduction Class

Wednesdays 10am-10:30am & Saturdays 12:15-12:45pm 

This class is a great way to introduce your young skater(s) to the sport of figure skating, with you right by their side to help make them feel comfortable and confident.

In this new Parent/Child class the Parent/Guardian will be on the ice to help their skater stand up when they fall and hold their hands when necessary. Both Parent and Child will receive on-ice instruction, learning balance, forward stroking, one-foot glides, swizzles, backwards skating and much more!

Advanced Parents/Guardians are encouraged to join as well and will be able to build upon they skills they already have.


Parents/Guardians: Adult 2 & Adult 3

Child: Tots – Basic 1 OR ages 3-6


$250 per 1 Parent/Guardian + 1 Child

+$100 for each additional participant

*Please note that due to current health and safety concerns figure skating instructors are not allowed to have physical contact with any skaters. All hands-on help will come from the Parent/Guardian. All Parent/Guardians who register must be able to stand and maneuver on their own while on the ice.

*Rental skates will be available, sanitized before and after each use